About Your Consultation

What to expect

Your first consultation is usually for one hour. We can see you in person in our clinic or, if you are living remotely, phone or skype consultations can be arranged. An initial face to face consultation is preferred.

At your appointment we discuss your health concerns, what you want from the consultation, medical conditions and requirements, dietary approaches you have tried before, food you eat and avoid, and your lifestyle.

A diagnosis is discussed and a supporting dietary plan developed. If additional tests are needed, these are requested through your referring GP or Specialist. Your plan of action will fit your dietary requirements to your lifestyle and preferences, and will include practical achievable suggestions.

We meet again to review your progress, usually for 30 minutes. The frequency of appointments is very individual and will depend on your age, presenting condition and support needed. Review appointments are very important, especially if there are any restrictions around what you are eating. Diagnostic diets are usually only intended for short term use.

What to bring with you

If you would like to bring a family member or friend with you, they are welcome to come to as much of your appointment as you would like them to. ‘Two sets of ears are often better than one’, especially if they are doing most of the cooking and shopping.

If you would like to bring several support people such as an extended family around a child with issues, it may pay to consider booking a longer appointment or booking an end of the day appointment.

If you have young children with you please plan to feed them before your appointment. We have a no food policy in our rooms and reception area as we see many infants and young children with food allergy. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding is fine.

If you have recent blood results or a letter from your doctor or Specialist, do bring these along. Also bring a list of all your current medication and supplements. If you are bringing a young child, please bring their Well Child book.

You can bring any food labels you want help with reading, a list of supplements or the bottles themselves and a list of medications you take.

Many people find it helpful to write down particular questions and concerns ahead of their appointment. You may find it helpful to bring a brief diary of the foods you typically eat and any adverse reactions.

How to book

Phone 09 524 4333 to speak with one of the receptionists to arrange a suitable time.

How to pay

We have Eftpos facilities and you can pay by credit card, Eftpos, cheque, cash or as an on-line payment. If you make an on-line payment, please ensure you reference your payment.

Payment is expected and welcomed on the day of your consultation.

If you need to discuss deferring part of your payment please discuss this with the receptionists prior to your appointment.

Medical Insurance

Registered Dieticians are covered by many comprehensive medical insurance policies. Southern Cross offer additional cover with a Specialist to Dietitian referral.

Cancellation Policy

We realise that your schedule can change and you may need to change your appointment time. We appreciate if you can give us 3 days’ notice if you need to re schedule your consultation.

Cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a full consultation fee.